The Tranco Experience

Twin brothers Bruce and Byron Trantham founded Tranco Logistics in 1995 with one pledge – “To do the job right…without compromise”.

Over the years they listened to customers and employees alike, expanding their services to better accommodate the needs of the market. This required developing additional supply chain solutions for domestic transportation, warehousing, distribution, supply chain management, and real-estate services.

To address the needs of international customers, Tranco Global was founded as sister company to Tranco Logistics. While established as a company purely focused on global logistics, the same principles and solid business practices that made Tranco Logistics a success, are being applied at Tranco Global.


Far too often, companies build out their business then wrestle with how they can build out the technology to support it. From Day One, Tranco Global was built with an eye toward technology. Every decision, every process is conceived in terms of technology and how it will impact the customer. The iTranco suite of electronic services provides customers unparalleled visibility and ease of operation.


Even the largest customer has a need for flexible solutions. Many large forwarders provide services structured around rigid rules of engagement. At Tranco Global, we provide solutions specific to your business need. We are a nimble organization able to make business decisions in a fast, but firm manner. Allow Tranco to structure the solution that right for you.


It’s a word not used often enough in this fast paced world. Still, the business of developing reliable global logistics solutions is based on the experience and patience of old world craftsmanship. Tranco Global educates its employees to be craftsman. They are taught in an apprenticeship environment, through a mix of class work and real world tutelage. At Tranco, we develop the best craftsman in the industry.


The Tranco Global Network (TGN) is a select group of best-in-class service providers that allow for seamless cargo handling around the world. TGN members are market leaders in their own countries that have joined together to provide a network of excellence in worldwide logistics. With over 500 offices strategically located at all major gateways in over 180 countries, the TGN in built on professional trust. Unlike multinational giants, TGN partners work together out of choice, not obligation. This insures that each company maintains the desire to provide excellent service and that only the world’s finest companies remain part of the network.


Performance must be measured and not just mentioned in platitudes. Additionally, performance cannot be measured or maintained as a single number. To reach the pinnacle of performance, it requires coordinated success across several disciplines. Tranco measures success through several metrics, each of which is important in achieving optimal performance.


As sister company to Tranco Logistics, a family owned business founded in 1995, Tranco Global offers financial and management stability. Our seasoned executive team brings experience from not just a global prospective, but across other lines essential to the seamless logistics management. Whether its warehousing, domestic transportation, or contract logistics, the Tranco team provides broad, stable solutions.


As an international freight forwarder and customs broker, Tranco Global is responsible for representing two sacred trusts protected by our government; security and taxes. Tranco works hand-in-hand with the US government to adhere to laws and regulations that adequately protect our customers and their interests.


As a Women Based Enterprise providing international transportation solutions, we don’t just accept differences, we celebrate, support, and thrive on the diversity of our employees and community. Tranco Global is committed to workplace diversity.