International logistics has become a technology driven endeavor. Customers are equally interested in freight delivery and information delivery. iTranco is the answer to this unending appetite for information.

Cloud Based

iTranco provides services in a cloud based environment. This allows US and overseas clients to access logistics information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


For what should be a paperless environment, the international logistics industry is still anchored by paperwork requirements. Some customers continue to maintain armadas of filing cabinets. Let iTranco unshackle your dependence on paper. iTranco will store scanned copies of international paperwork in a virtual environment where customers will have access via the cloud on demand. No more rummaging through a dust covered storage box in the warehouse.

Data Transfer

The iTranco platform provides for almost every conceivable method of data transfer. Data can be forwarded and received in batches, or via a continuous EDI basis. The flexibility and ease of use in iTranco, allow Tranco Global to quickly configure a solution to your specific need.