NAFTA Border Crossing

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Although the United States, Canada and Mexico enjoy one of the world’s largest and most open trade relationships, the fact remains that shipments crossing the border are international transactions and subject to customs related mandates.

Many businesses have complained that the border clearance process has become more complicated in recent years, especially as each government has instituted new security regulations intended to prevent the entry of hazardous materials or contraband into their countries.

The NAFTA trade initiative has removed most duty rates between the three countries further expanding the opportunities that they enjoy. Still, the NAFTA accord is a trade agreement, not an open market system as used within the European Union (EU). Goods must still clear customs when crossing NAFTA borders. Transporting NAFTA shipments can create challenges if your logistics provider is not knowledgeable and experienced.

Further complicating the process, customs practices between the US, Mexico and Canada differ greatly. Allow the experience of Tranco Global to assist you in reaching a larger base of consumers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers. The Tranco Global team of trade professionals will smooth your border crossings experience helping insure on-time, hassle-free delivery. With Tranco Global, your NAFTA shipments will arrive at the border fully compliant with local customs requirements.

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