Contract Logistics

Tranco Global has a deep understanding on how to best manage global logistics. Flexible solutions allow customers to decide in which areas Tranco Global can best provide solutions.

This can include:

  • PO management from the seller’s door to the buyer’s destination
  • Dedicated Tranco employees onsite at the customer location
  • Data and document management through the iTranco suite of services, or via the customer’s platform
  • Dedicated asset based solutions, both warehousing and transportation equipment


  • Multi-way order entry
  • Product/package mgmt
  • Multi-mode shipment
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Carrier selection
  • Route selection
  • Milestone calculation
  • Multiple sites/customers
  • Document creation
  • Planning dashboard


  • Carrier order dispatch
  • Label printing
  • Advance shipment notice
  • Carrier status update
  • Exception management
  • Track and trace
  • Cloud based visibility
  • Document storage
  • Multiple system interface


  • Rate agreement mgmt
  • Cost calculations
  • Cost allocations
  • Cost of goods estimates
  • Invoice audit
  • Invoice payment
  • Payment processing
  • Multiple currencies


  • Custom KPI’s established
  • KPI measures and reporting
  • Electronic scheduled reporting
  • Operational analysis
  • On-time service reporting
  • Compliance