Cargo Theft on the Rise Industry Wide

by | Apr 5, 2023

Recently we’ve seen a significant spike in cargo theft. CargoNet’s 2022 Supply Chain Risk Trends Analysis reported a 15% increase from 2021 to 2022 in the United States and Canada. The top three targeted states are California, Florida, and Texas, with Los Angeles, California, being the most impacted city/state. Understanding how to keep your freight safe in the current market is essential.

    1. Know the top targeted goods – In 2022, household items and electronics were the most stolen goods. Recently, we’ve seen a massive increase in food and beverage theft. If you’re shipping the most targeted commodity, being hyperaware is critical.
    2. Know whom you are doing business with – Fictitious pickups have increased by 600% since 2021. We’ve seen more and more thieves target freight through cyber scams and identity theft by pretending to be a legitimate trucking company. Ensure that you verify whom you are working with is legit, and don’t give out any information on your freight before doing so.
    3. Report fraudulent events – If something happens to your freight, report it by calling the police and insurance company ASAP. Be as specific as possible when reporting a theft.

While Tranco is committed to vetting our carriers properly and knowing where your cargo is through tracking and tracing, there are times when bad things do happen to good freight that is beyond anybody’s control. We at Tranco want to make sure that you protect your interest in the event of a loss or claim. Tranco will act as the Administrator of your claim and will do everything possible to ensure your claim is filed properly and timely.

We encourage you to review your internal warehouse practices for the best possible outcome in the event of a loss. Being diligent in properly notating paperwork with exceptions is first and foremost and can be the difference between a claim being honored or rejected.